A BVN Hosted VoIP solution can streamline voice communications in your company with advantages like these:

  • No expensive investments to make: Our hosted end-to-end management service eliminates the need for maintaining a physical PBX on your premises and no IT “Gurus” to hire.
  • Connect and collaborate better: Our advanced features enable true collaboration both in and out of the office using one common PC platform for voice and email online.
  • Increased mobility: Take your office with you just plug your VoIP Phone at any Internet Router or use our Softphone in your PC or Smart Phone it’ll appear to be in the office even when you’re not.
  • End-to-end management: We provide proactive monitoring of your network from our IP core to your phone, actively pinpointing and resolving issues – often before you’re even aware of them.
  • Latest technology: With BVN Hosted VoIP, we provide you with all the latest IP-based technology, so you never have to worry about upgrades.

Local, Long Distance & International

Worried about you phone bill? If you make overseas calls, you know your bill can add up fast. At BVN, we route our calls over the Internet using VoIP Technology to bypass traditional phone company lines, saving you 50-90%, sign up now and enjoy crystal-clear international phone calls.