BVN assign you a LOCAL phone number where you should “FORWARD” your Mobile or Office Phone number, this local number enables your callers to access your new phone number at no cost to them ‘if’ they are calling from the same geographical (Local) area.

Callers will call you to your same Mobile or Office phone and our “State of the Art” system will send the call directly to your Overseas Local Phone from outside the new local phone number calling area will be able to call your local number from any country, however, long distance surcharges will be charged by their phone company, whoever that may be.

For example, you can own a Miami, USA local phone number. It would be a local call for any caller located in Miami. It would be a long distance call for someone located in another country. They would need to pay long distance charges to their phone company as they would any other international phone call.

As an example, if you are traveling to Colombia and you have a Mobile device just forward this number to your new Follow Me number, as soon as your Friends, Customers or Co-workers call to your Mobile number this will follow you in Colombia., all what you have to do is tell us the Local number you’ll have in Colombia.

You would pay only per minute rates to Colombia based on these rates.