EASY TO USE and COSTS LESS than the rate you are currently being charged elsewhere. BVN technology gives you domestic and international long-distance calling on mobile phones without having to use a PIN number or access code.
You’ll never have to memorize or carry around a PIN or access code number again.

Our innovative technology simply matches your account information with your phone number to give you instant access – at one of the lowest rates now on the market.
Make the comparison yourself!

Now every time you need to make a call, just dial our LOCAL access numbers from more than 7 countries and that’s it.


At Home

Imagine just dialing our access numbers to reach any telephone number you want – without PINs or access codes.

Imagine going online and checking your account activity to verify what calls were made, to whom and for how many minutes. That way you can keep track of your telephone long-distance activity and save money.

Imagine pressing just one key on your telephone memory to gain access and then placing the domestic or international call. It’s all so FAST and EASY with no waiting and no operators to deal with.

From Your Office

Does your company do business overseas?
Are your telephone bills high?
Do you know who is running up long-distance phone bills?

If this is a problem area for your company, then PIN FREE MOBILE TALK is for you. It allows you to pre-list the phones to which you want to give long-distance access and then monitor calling activity by number, destination and rates.

To place a call, just pick up the phone and the PIN FREE MOBILE TALK system automatically gives you domestic or international long-distance access.

Go online to check total spending for each telephone

Calling destinations
Calling times
Rates applied