About Us


History, Mission & Future


After more than 11 years of experience in the commercial exchange of VoIP traffic, BVN Telecom Group has become one of the new and most important companies in the global telecommunications industry. Our Headquarters are located in South Florida. Based on his years of experience and learning from the errors that showed the old telecom companies BVN Telecom Group has a strong and secure market positioning.

The company uses the latest technology on the market today, while the traditional companies still struggle with their financial statements in order to acquire and change the technology that currently possess and be able to reduce their operational costs. BVN Telecom Group uses the technology on which the Internet has developed faster, more reliable and flexible than the old telecommunications networks and services have enabled the development of high reliability and highly competitive rates.

BVN Telecom Group, Inc. is a company that offers products and integrated solutions to telecommunications origination and call termination in TDM and VoIP technology for retail and wholesale.

BVN Telecom Group Exchange traffic (Voice over IP) on all continents, offering a scalable and quick profit from the overall traffic to provide low cost interconnection between carriers either origination or termination.

Mission & Future

Our mission is to make possible that users and organizations can communicate, interact and transact anywhere in the world at any time with more options and freedom to choose one way as it has never been before.

BVN Telecom Group is committed to providing unique products and services, to create, develop and implement effective products at low cost and effective solutions to all our users.

BVN Telecom Group begun Operations in Colombia Thru COLTEL-NET S.A.S in 2012 and has begun to develop the expansion of their products to market in South America continuing its expansion in Europe where there is already presence in London, Paris, Madrid & Rome.