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BVN Telecom Group, Inc. is a company that offers products and integrated solutions
to telecommunications origination and call termination in TDM and VoIP technology
for retail and wholesale.
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After more than 11 years of experience in the commercial exchange of VoIP traffic, BVN Telecom Group has become one of the new and most important companies in the global telecommunications industry. Our Headquarters are located in South Florida. Based on his years of experience and learning from the errors that showed the old telecom companies BVN Telecom Group has a strong and secure market positioning. The company uses the latest technology on the market today.


At BVN, we’re all about delivering communications solutions that bring it all together to make it easier for your Home or Business. We have a solution that is right for you – and affordable.


At BVN we offer the next generation, cost effective solution for consumers and more. Unified Communications Phone, Web Fax, International Conferencing and much more options.

Virtual Number

International Virtual Number is the answer you’ve been waiting for. With Hardware or not hardware to purchase, no switching of business phone systems provider and a full list of features.


BVN is a Telecommunications VoIP provider carrier. BVN provides high quality and low cost VoIP services to ITSP’s, Hosted PBX providers, call centers, calling cards and carriers.


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